Tap Review IQ - Google Review Generation System

Boost Your Reviews & Rank Higher On Google With Tap Review IQ!

You’re in contact with your customers every day. Why miss the chance to get another Google review? 

Increase your reviews, reach, reputation, visibility, and sales with just one card.


The New Way To Get 5-Star Google Reviews In Seconds

Say goodbye to the old way of asking for reviews through text message and emails. 

  • Avoid "Banner Blindness" - email and text review requests are becoming so common and overwhelming that people ignore them.
  • Not to mention all the problems with text messaging and the A2P registration requirements.
  • Use our Google Review Tap Card to collect new reviews in seconds - without emails or texts!
  • We track every card tap so you can see how you are doing.

Here's What's Included In the Tap Review IQ System


Tap Review Cards

High-quality NFC cards compatible with all smartphones.

Each card is preprogrammed with a unique link and QR Code. Setup takes seconds and no requirement to program the NFC link. These cards are the same quality as a credit card you get from your bank.

Google Approved API

Google approved API integration to automatically import all Google reviews in real-time.


Unique Trackable Links

Each employee gets a unique trackable link that is directly connected to the software. You can see the stats in real-time.

Employee Leaderboard

Real time company leaderboard to gamify the campaign with the employees. Automatically sends SMS & email notifications to all employees.

Image - Employee Leader Board

Business Dashboard

You can log in to easily track the success of your campaign in real-time & see the improvements from when you signed up.


Tap Review IQ

Google Review 

Tap Card System

It's Fast

It's Simple

It's Tap Review IQ

When you sign up for Tap Review IQ (powered by TapEngine®) we will configure your cards & ship them to you ready to go! Each card has a unique link so we can track all of the taps from your employees. Turn it into a friendly contest to see which of your team members can get the most reviews. 

Sign Up

Choose the number of cards you need, one for each team member who will ask customers for reviews, and sign up.

We Set You Up

We set up your account for you and configure the Tap Cards with unique tracking links.


We ship your Tap Cards out to you ready to go, so you can start using them right away to get reviews!

Almost Every Smart Phone Has The Technology Built In

Our Tap Review IQ system uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to ask customers for reviews. This is the same tech that hotel keys use, or tap-to-pay systems use. It's SUPER easy for your customers.

It's simple... just tap the Tap Card on your customer's phone at the time of service and in a single click your customer can leave a review on Google.

Get Reviews

In Seconds!


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